This page is dedicated to the Mandelbrot set.

05.23.2017:Happy Birthday, Java!

05.16.2017:The extern programm has been refactored and incremented. You can now create full image sequences of deep zoom-ins! Check it out! Also, the program and source code have been moved to Github now.

05.03.2017:The fractal section has been completely rewritten. There is now a page for each fractal. Have a look at it!

05.01.2017: I have coded three new fractals! The Pythagoras Tree, the Dragon Curve and the Levy C Curve have been added to this website.

04.29.2017: There is a new fractal! The Sierpinski Triangle has been added to this website. You can find it here.

04.28.2017: The Mandelbrot script and extern program have been updated! The HSB mode got several improvements and is now default mode. There are some new user controlled features in the script.